In a number of years I have been working with JELLY as an art medium. Jelly has a long history in culinary culture and is  associated with notions of home and childhood nostalgia. As a result, my thoughts of using jelly to create work comes from my childhood memories and a longing for home. The central theme in my work is often concerned with the fleeting nature of life, exploring the relationship between impermanence and beauty. That is, the wonder of beauty in the process of decay, of pleasure that cannot last and the passage of time which is intrigued in the fragile nature of jelly itself.

Working across  different media such as photography, sculpture and installation, I attempt to explore and experiment with the transformation of jelly as a household item into an artistic material. Incorporating with natural light, my images are constructed through the lens of camera, investigating the interrelationship between lines, forms, light and colours that occur within the work.